His Hobby: Cars

ImageWhen I first met my husband, he told me he had a fast car. He picked me up for our first date in… an old beaten up Lumina. Apparently, you don’t drive your project cars in the winter. Duh, salt on that paint job and snow with those wheels? Once summer came around, he introduced me to his Talon. About 10 cars later, we have this Honda Civic with an Acura RSX Type S k20a2 engine in it. Who knows what he does to the car. I hear him every now and then banging on things. I do know he just got done putting a rebuilt turbo in it.

Anyway, I’ve never told him but I think it’s kind of a sexy hobby. So, last night I went downtown with him and his car friends to get a bite. We stopped at this empty parking lot and grabbed a few quick shots. Pretty isn’t she?


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    Trales found enough energy go out with dad one more time. There are some dogs that hit the jackpot and this guy was one of them. He spent his life hunting, fishing and swimming with the freedom to do as he pleases. This past Saturday, Trales, my doggie brother, was diagnosed with cancer and wasn't given long to live. Tonight, my mom prepared him a bowl of venison for dinner and my dad took him out for one last hurrah with the gun. He passed with ease and with love in his heart. Rest in peace, Trales. And say hello to Colby for me. Post bath. Love at first bite. #briethelabrador
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