Hello world.

I can breathe! Do you know how good it felt to take a month off from the blog world? I was super busy this past month with birthdays and wedding festivities for one of my best friends. So, after a month off, I’m back. I already have shoes picked out for tomorrow. And, I plan on getting my paint brush out this week. Stay tuned!

Here’s a peak inside the busiest March I’ve ever had:
• Picked up some new glasses
•  Steve got me an iPhone for my birthday
• I turned 28!
• Celebrated my best friends bridal shower, bachelorrette party and wedding
• Finished the dot for the You are Here Toledo Project
• Watched the sunset and rise at my parents house
• Fell more and more in love with Steve and Colby
• Celebrated St. Patty’s Day with the co-workers
• Dressed up as Wendy for work
• Went to the Walleye game with clients
• Attended Mud Hens Opening Day!
• Researched some more on my lemon project.
• New clients at work and Telly Awards!
• Picked ragweed and rubbed my eyes afterward (not on purpose).

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  1. what’s your lemon project?

    • It’s something I’ve been working on in my head for quite some time. I hope to share it someday.


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