Tuesday Shoesday: Hearts = Happy Feet

So, I’ve been oooOing and Aaaahing over these crochet Toms for months now through the repins on pinterest and they are finally back up at the Toms store and with color options! The birthday is right around the corner and luckily, I already know that these baby’s will be mine! Eeeep! Just in time for summer!

Anyway, this brings me to why I’m in love with these shoes I found while browsing TopShop. These lovely Valentina Heart Ballet Pumps in white are to die for. (Can you hear me oooOing and Aaaahing?) I want them. They are the more sophisticated version of those jelly shoes we all had growing up. You know the ones, where stones would get stuck in the bottom of them. The heart cutouts allow your feet to breathe happy while looking chic. And for only $36, I might have to buy a pair.

Wouldn’t these be great ballet flats for a wedding reception? They also come in mint, lilac and apricot.

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  1. Ooooh I want, I want! In every color.


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