tuesday shoesday.

A few years ago, I made a trip to Portland, Oregon and before I packed my bags, I purchased some sweet Tiffany blue elephant rain boots from J.Crew for $25! Since then, I’ve been on the search for all the cool looking rain boots. Here are just a few that I found this season:

1. Hunter Short Yellow Rain Boots, $115 from Nordstrom
2. Multicolor Plaid Rain Boots, $24.99 from Target
3. Chooka Gypsy Owl Rain Boots, $64.95 from Nordstrom
4. Bog Taylor Rain Boots, $94.95 from Nordstrom
5. Merona Zakia Houndstooth Rain Boots, $24.99 from Target
6. Chooka Clssy Classic, $33.99 from PiperlimeĀ 

For a fancy rain boot, try these Valentino Lace Rain Boots or Burberry Quilted Check Print Rain Boots.

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  1. Love the choice of boots! I recently bought a fun flowered pair. I’d like to have a few more pairs though.


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